Suits like you have never seen before.

People ask me where I get my suits pretty often. The answer is simple one: I make them. And it's pure Bespoke. It's the only way to be absolutely sure that the fit is perfect.


What is the perfect suit?

It is artwork. It is the painstaking attention to every. single. detail.

From the buttons. To fabric that will turn heads, and last a lifetime. It is the perfect blend of classical elegance and modern flash. The perfect suit demands attention.

It communicates to the world: “I am a true gentleman, with big goals, and a great wealth of experiences.” It is an invitation. It is a warning that you are a serious person. The perfect suit is about you. It fits you like it is an extension of your very being.

And it is an outward expression of your human character. Let me make you that perfect suit. Visit the shop now ›››

About Kamal Jahid

Kamal is the Founder and Creative Director of Glamorous Pochette.  In 2013, Kamal took his passion for men’s fashion to a new level making Glamorous Pochette one of the finest men's fashion brand. Glamorous Pochette offers unique, high-quality pocket squares that will catch eyes and spark conversations wherever their wearers go.
Now, he is taking Glamorous Pochette to the next level by helping the Gentlemen of the world get their dream bespoke suit.

Get your perfect suit now. Visit our shop and Book a meeting with Kamal!